ZDS - Brisbane Security Consulting and Pentesting

ZDS is a Brisbane based cybersecurity company. We are computer security researchers who focus on long-term security strategies for our clients.

Our Services

Threat Intelligence

We provide customised threat intelligence specific to your business using custom AI driven tools. Be alerted immediately when a time critical vulnerability has been discovered.

Automated Security Scans

We perform regular security scans and simplify the results so you don't suffer from information fatigue. Be alerted of any security vulnerabilites, and receive customised instructions on how to resolve them.


We strongly believe that the first line of defense for securing systems is educating staff members. We regularly provide free seminars and workshops to the local Brisbane developer and security community to help educate about modern threat intelligence and attack techniques.

Code security audit

Detailed software vulnerability assessment. Proof of concepts are developed for high-risk vulnerabilities.

Red teaming credit - elite, focused testing

Our security engineers dedicate themselves to attacking your networks. May include automated fuzzing, exploit development, phone-based social engineering and advanced penetration testing. Customer receives debriefings.

Custom intrusion detection signatures

We deploy tripwires and canary tokens to greatly increase the probability of detection in the event of a breach. Our engineers are alerted to suspicious events and provide an immediate response to threats.

Our Products

Receive up to the minute notifications of vulnerabilities customized to your software stack with our AI powered vulnerability matching.

Contact Us

You can speak to us on 044 7337 031 or send an email to sales@zerodaysolutions.net.